Lying, Guessing, Misdirecting. Games and creative writing activities for developing communication skills and lexical repertoires in the Secondary-Level Language Classroom

Patricia Skorge (Anglistik)

Games and playful, creative uses of language raise motivation and facilitate language learning through their immersive nature: they are essential in the classroom. This workshop introduces activities that can be used from Year 5 up to Adult Ed., in digital or in-class formats. You’ll try some well-tested, highly flexible games/activities that promote speaking competences, expand lexical repertoires and offer playful approaches to creative writing. We’ll discuss their affordances and your responses and ideas for their implementation.

Ich werde Englisch sprechen, Sie können gerne auf Deutsch partizipieren! Die vorgestellten Aktivitäten eignen sich für den Unterricht in allen modernen Fremdsprachen.

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