“Loud, Young, Fanged.” Boosting language skills with Creative Writing, scaffolding Creative Writing with online tools.

Patricia Skorge (Anglistik)

Creative writing (CW) activities foster precise uses and deep processing of language in the L2 (and L1!) classroom. Young writers are more invested in their own creative texts; creating space for CW in L2 (and L1!) classrooms can raise the standard of learners’ writing considerably. Online tools like multifunctional online dictionaries support clear and articulate writing. Online generators provide prompts and scaffolding that help young writers produce more sophisticated texts. In the workshop, we’ll try out some intriguing CW activities ourselves, using digital resources.

Der Workshop wird auf Englisch abgehalten, Input und Output gerne auch auf Deutsch! Die Impulse sind auch für den Unterricht in anderen Fremdsprachen, DaF und Deutsch interessant.

(The title „Loud, Young, Fanged“ was generated by https://www.name-generator.org.uk/?i=fx4nhk7, 15.09.2021)

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